Dress Code

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THE BALLET STUDIO strives to bring quality and a high level of expectation to the art of ballet. This includes professional dress code and conduct. We expect clean, simple attire which will not detract from our purpose of training dancers and dancer to be on time for class.

Tots & Pre-Ballet

  • Pink Leotard & Pink Tights (Can wear Pink Skirts)

Ballet 1&1A

  • Light-Blue Leotard & Pink Tights

Ballet 2

  • Lavender Leotard & Pink Tights

Ballet 2A

  • Royal Blue Leotard & Pink Tights

Ballet 3

  • Dark Red/Burgundy Leotard & Pink Tights

Ballet 4

  • Black Leotard & Pink Tights


  • Classical Bun (Pulled back from face)


  • Appropriate dance attire

Free Dress Day:

  • LAST SATURDAY of the Month / Have fun!